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Uplifted Music - MW: "THE LUNAR PILOTS - POINT OF NO RETURN - 9/10

"Out of all the reviews for this month in the Uplifted Music & Media Portal, I have to make special mention of this particular album as it really stood out amongst all the other album's we received for this month's issue. I had the privilige of reviewing and listenening to this album "Point Of No Return" by The Lunar Pilots and I enjoyed listening to it immensely and it confirmed my suspicion that this is a band with massive potential and one to look out for in time to come.

The Lunar Pilots are are an alternative Rock/Pop band from Essex. The band line up consists of: Brien Edwards (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Paul High (Keyboards/Backing Vocals), David Elsworth (Lead Guitar), Keith High (Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals) and Conor Bailey (Drums). They have recently released their first single "High As The Stars", which is the first track taken off their album, last month.

The album "Point Of No Return" includes 12 tracks and 3  bonus tracks: 1. High As The Stars 2. Hurry Up And Live 3. Black And Blue 4. Crash And Burn 5. Sit By The Wall 6. Hollow Tunes 7. Hindsight 8. Pins And Needles 9. Fall From Grace 10. Only You 11. Nowhere To Hide 12. Beautiful Game (Bonus Tracks) 13. This Is The Time 14. Perfect Dream 15. Hurry Up And Live (Radio Edit).

The first track on "Point Of No Return" grabbed my attention almost immediately. "High As The Stars" the first single off their album is quite a catchy quirky record with nice vocals, guitars and keyboards with instant appeal. It's an obvious choice for the first single and probably the right one without a doubt! One of the standout tracks on the album.

"Hurry Up And Live" is another big cheery tune from the back catalogue of The Lunar Pilot's. I love the spacey guitar sounds on this one and in some places it sounds as though I could have easily been listening to a U2 track with The Edge playing on lead guitar. This record like every other track on the album has great lyrics and a catchy chorus.

Track 3 on the album "Black And Blue" is another original sounding record from The Lunar Pilots and also lives up to grand expectations with some more nice guitar sounds. The rest of the instrumentation follows well and sits tightly amongst the vocals and great lead guitar melodies.
"Black And Blue" is another classic from The Lunar Pilots. Just from listening to this track alone I could tell you that The Lunar Pilots are destined for the big time. I predict this band will be massive and will be playing to large audiences up and down the country as soon as word gets out about how good their album is.

The following track "Crash And Burn" might not be The Lunar Pilots best track on their album but it stands in good stead with the rest of the tracks. The record is full of energy and has lovely melodies and another catchy chorus. The whole album is very well produced and engineered throughout. The outro to this track is great, melodic and full of harmonies. The Lunar Pilots are a very talented band from what I can gather just from this album and they show great song craftmanship on pretty much every track on "Point Of No Return".

Track 5 "Sit By The Wall" is another very original sounding record from The Lunar Pilots with their own signature sound. It starts off with an arpeggio played on the piano and then the lead guitar comes in. The vocals are then introduced backed up by the arpeggio played on the piano which gives this song a nice appeal. Yet again, I found myself loving the spacey lead guitar sounds and the lyrics are first class. The track compliments itself even further towards the end when a great epic lead guitar solo is performed with beautiful harmonies.

"Hollow Tunes" is another stand out track from the album "Point Of No Return". There are hints of Muse, Snow Patrol and the Killers all rolled into one. This is another classic track from the 'Pilots' in my opinion with yet more gracious harmonies and excellent lead guitar parts.
This record also has 'single' written all over it. It's unique and original in its own way, The Lunar Pilots way and towards the latter part of the track I found myself thinking The Seahorses in similarity. Brien Edwards almost sounds like the vocalist from the Seahorses. His voice is soulful and very professional. There's also another awesome lead guitar solo towards the end of the track with real heart wrenching emotion.

You can't fail to notice The Lunar Pilots after listening to songs from this album. On the 3rd time of playing this album "Point Of No Return", I knew it was special! I can imagine this band would be great to see live and the solo guitars at the end of "Hollow Tunes" demonstrates how gifted the lead guitarist is.
Track 7 on the album "Hindsight" begins with some muted harmonics on the guitars. It's another good track with lyrics that go something on the lines of 'If you think this is all a game' and 'What gives you the divine right to stand up and criticize?'. "Hindsight" is a serious track with meaning behind it and overall another very well written, arranged and produced record.

"Pins And Needles" the next track on "Point Of No Return" is another quirky number which delivers much the same when it comes to great lyrics and their own unmistakeable original 'pilots' sound. There are some cool Rhodes keyboards riffs and the track ends up turning out to be quite funky. The Rhodes solo in the middle is excellent and this track stands out on its own with its happy go lucky funkiness. I admire the Rhodes keyboard parts on "Pins And Needles" and believe that The Lunar Pilots should utilise the Rhodes more often on future releases.

Track 9 on the album,"Fall From Grace" starts off with a classic 'Pilots' acoustic guitar arpeggio and a kind of Led Zeppelin "Stairway To Heaven" vibe. It includes some fat fuzz box lead guitar parts and the lyrics are classy and meaningful. They go on the lines of 'The day we fall from grace' and this record builds nicely towards the end and then climaxes with a great lead guitar solo.

"Only You" is the 10th track on the album and contains some heavy phaser sound effects on clean electric guitars which is followed by a piano backing the main vocals. The lyrics in this particular track reminded me of Kurt Cobain for some reason. This track yet again delivers more classic melodies from The Lunar Pilots and I'm reminded of the Seahorses again in parts of this record. It's almost grunge sounding towards the end of the track and also has hints of the Stone Temple Pilots.

"Nowhere To Hide" is a classic and probably the biggest track on the album. It was used as background music on the "Hollyoaks" and I can see why! This without a doubt is the catchiest record on "Point Of No Return" and I'm sure most major record companies would jump at the chance of signing this song for release.
The chorus is great and the lyrics go 'Don't tell me you're sorry, no one needs to apologise'. The crybaby wah wah/phaser lead guitar solo is amazing and this track has been very well produced, written and arranged. This is definitely one of the main tracks to look out for!

Track 12 "Beautiful Game" is reminiscent of something which R.E.M might have written in the 1980's. It's another classic from The Lunar Pilots with piano and vocals. I love this song and believe this is another potential hit single from the band. It's another record which would have record label executives trying to sign up. It's an amazing track which builds and builds again. I love this album!

The last 3 tracks on this version of the album are bonus tracks. "This Is The Time" is another good song and "Perfect Dream" gets a special mention as it is another classic from the 'pilots'. It's original sounding in places and very retro. The final bonus track is a radio edit version of "Hurry Up And Live". Yet again another classic with a great catchy chorus and spacey melodies which will wet your appetite for more. This band has a bright future ahead.

It was difficult to put down what I thought of this album in just a few words as you can tell from the review I've written. It's also not that often that I am really impressed with a bands debut album. Well, The Lunar Pilots are an exception and I'm definitely going to cherish this album. They get the big thumbs up from me! I recommend you buy "Point Of No Return".

Uplifted Music - MW: "THE LUNAR PILOTS - POINT OF NO RETURN - 9/10